Kia Carrington-Russell’s Interview With Kasper Beaumont

Fantasy Sci-Fi Network member, Kia Carrington-Russell, is a young author working on her first series: “The Three Immortal Blades”.

Kia was born in a small town in Australia, moving around a lot at a young age until finding a stable town where she finished her schooling. Kia found herself enjoying and expressing herself through poetry, short stories and writing, photography, painting and drawing. All these mediums help Kia express the different world that she is so fond of.

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publish date: 15th May, 2014

Publisher: Crystal Publishing

Interview summary:

Kia talks about starting to write at the age of 15 and how much she enjoys it. Her first book is called The Possession of My Soul and has been many years in the making. There is an extract from the book included in the interview, which gave Kasper the chills. It is about her main character, Karla Grey in a frightening situation.
Kia also tells us of her second book: Phantom Wolf which is due to be released soon and is the first book in another trilogy. She certainly seems to have heaps of energy, working 3 jobs as well as writing and even has 2 blogs! Kia is donating the proceeds from pre-sales of her new book to a local animal charity. Please support this fine young author and her noble cause.

Check out Kia’s interesting interview and her books at Kasper’s blog:

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