Matt Grawitch’s Interview With Kasper Beaumont

Matt Grawitch is a Ph.D. in Psychology serving as a faculty member at a university in the Midwestern U.S. He is also the father of two wonderful girls who served as the inspiration for some of the characters in the Three Wizards series. He currently lives in New Baden, Illinois with his fiancé.

Book Series Title: The Three Wizards Chronicles

Book 1: Rise of the Dead Magic 2013
Book 2: The Box of Death 2014

Genre: Fantasy

Interview summary:

Matt started his fantasy writing as bedtime story-telling to his young children and they helped shaped his writing skills and added their own ideas along the way. What a great way to develop your ideas!
He has recently published his second book, the intriguingly-titled ‘The Box of Death’ and is really enjoying being a fantasy writer in his spare time from his University career.
Matt has 7 books planned and discusses his system of magic and the struggle between light and death magic in his books. His favorite character in the books is Balthazar (cool name, huh?), who was a former wizard of the dead magic, but loses most of his powers and has to rediscover his humanity. It sounds like a great setting for conflict and great characters.

Check out the full interview to read more about his books, including his favourite character:

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