Leisl Kaberry’s FSFN Interview With Kasper Beaumont

‘I was never going to be a writer… seriously.’

Somehow despite Leisl’s lifelong love for making up and telling stories, she had no desire to become an author. However, after a creative urge spurred her on to write an idea for a scene, the world of Titania was born and she hasn’t looked back since.

Series Title: The Titanian Chronicles

Book 1: Journey of Destiny

Leisl Kaberry – cover Genre: Fantasy
Publish date: 2013

Leisl 086Leisl Kaberry - cover

Interview summary:

Leisl talks about her life-long passion for writing and how her first novel has been eleven years in the making. It’s an elven adventure with elves leaving their safe haven and exploring the world of humans. She is now hard at work on her second sword and sorcery tale. A love of crime thrillers and travelling helps Leisl develop her writing. Her discussion of her characters and talk of her book’s artwork makes for great reading. You’ll have to read the full interview to find out what fantastic creatures she would like to have as pets, you may be surprised.

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