Cheryllynn Dyess interviewed by A. R. Silverberry

Cheryllynn Dyess

As a youth, Cheryllynn loved to write and originally set out to deal with life. She never dreamed she would be writing to share with the world. As an adult, she put her imagination to the test and started to write a book. Amazingly it took very little time to create an entire world and people and story line. This book reflects how she perceives life and feels it should really be! She’s a mother of four and Nana to two. Her driving force is to show them to NEVER give up on dreams and goals; they can be reached if you believe.

Book Title: Calastan

Publication Date: 12/1/2013

Genre: Fantasy

Cheryllynn Dyesscalastan-cheryllynn-dyess

Interview summary:

Fantasy Science Fiction Network member, Cheryllynn Dyess, author of Calastan, Book One of Jein’s Journey, discusses her fantasy series and writing with A. R. Silverberry.
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