Diane Mae Robinson’s Interview With Kasper Beaumont for the Fantasy Sci-Fi Network

Diane lives in a small hilltop castle surrounded by a magical forest in central Alberta, Canada. She has a journalism diploma from the Schools of Montreal, and an advanced diploma from the Institute of Children’s Literature in Connecticut. Diane is also a writing instructor, artist, and art teacher.

Book Title: Sir Princess Petra—The Pen Pieyu Adventures

Publication Date: 2011

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

cover-diane-mae-robinson-sir-princess-petras-talent-200x300 Diane

Interview summary:

In this interview we discover how versatile and multi-talented Diane is.
Not only is she writing exciting fantasy adventures for children, she also
is a writing instructor, an artist and an art teacher. She has a passion for
all things medieval and lives in a castle! Diane talks about developing her
characters and the work she is now doing on her third novel. Her journey
to finding a publisher is an interesting one and definitely tell us that persistence pays off.

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