Kasper Beaumont interviewed by Raymond Bolton for the Fantasy Sci-Fi Network

Kasper Beaumont’s Interview With Raymond Bolton

Kasper J. Beaumont was born and raised in Australia and lives a quiet life with the family in a seaside town. Combining a love of fantasy and a penchant for travel in the Hunters of Reloria trilogy, Kasper started to write on the urging of friends and family and enjoys watching readers become immersed in the magical world of Reloria. Kasper is a pen name for a rather shy author who is happy to remain unnamed.

Book Series : Hunters of Reloria

Book Titles: Elven Jewel, Hunters’ Quest, Dragon’s Revenge


Genre: Fantasy/YA/Sword and Sorcery

Interview summary:

Kasper is a busy fantasy author, having released the Hunters of Reloria fantasy trilogy within two years to rave reviews. Her new release Dragon’s Revenge has just been released in ebook, and she is running an art competition for chapter artwork to be included in the upcoming paperback. Kasper talks about her concept of halflings and fairies which are bonded together to make each other stronger. When fierce lizard men invade their homeland, the peaceful races must defend themselves against this ruthless enemy and they ally with dwarves, elves and a dragon.

Kasper has a busy schedule, juggling writing, a family of 5, working at the hospital and helping other authors through the Fantasy Sci-Fi Network. She credits her eldest son with some of the concepts in the novels, such as Cyclops giants with laser beams coming from their eye.

Her next work after the Hunters of Reloria trilogy will be a short story of a dragon romance in a fantastical setting.

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