Petteri Hannila’s Interview With Kasper Beaumont for the Fantasy Sci-Fi Network

Petteri is from Central Finland, a software designer by day and a dad/husband/dreamer /martial artist by evening. When he was eight years old, his mother started to read him the books of Tarzan, his childhood hero. Dreams and legends have followed from those days, as companions on his voyage through life.

A few years after that he thought about writing for the first time, but for a long time pushed it away from his mind for supposedly more important things. Finally he started to write.

‘From the days of Tarzan, exciting adventures and fantasy stories set in the past and the future held his interest. Thus, the natural choice was to start writing science fiction and fantasy.’

Book Title : Fargoer

Fargoer Medium ResolutionPetteri Hannila

Genre: Historical Fantasy / Viking Age Fantasy

Interview summary:

Finnish Petteri apologies for his limited English, but I must say he does very well to convey his thoughts eloquently. He speaks about his love of Scandinavian history and also reading Finnish Sci-fi. This has translated across into Fargoer, his historical viking fantasy. Petteri also speaks of using the issues and problems of our time and giving them a twist by inserting them in his novels.

Working as a software designer and as an interior book designer at a publishing company seems a perfect fit for Petteri. He works with his brother at Creativia Publishers. There was a long road for Petteri with publishing. His book was written in Finnish and after several knock-backs he had it translated into English and published as an Indie book.
Petteri stikes me as a family man with broad tastes in reading and music. Hurry in to get Fargoer at 99c for a limited time only.

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