D.W. Jones and Charles Carpenter Interview With Kasper Beaumont for the Fantasy Sci-Fi Network

D.W. Jones and Charles Carpenter Interview

d.w.jonesCharles David Carpenter

As an avid lifelong reader, Charles has always dreamed of creating a world into which he could immerse himself and feel safe. Writing has given him an outlet that allows for expression behind the shield of different characters and places. Stories of daring adventures and faraway places helped D.W. to avoid the pitfalls of the streets, inspiring him to dream bigger and reach farther. Those stories still inspire him today. In joining forces, we have found the creative partnership and motivation to see our writing dreams manifest into reality. We hope you enjoy the world we’ve created. The Partnership: D.W. Jones and Charles teamed up almost a decade ago. In that time, they have written a variety of works. Here are a few: Feature length screenplays, television pilots, web series, scripts, dozens of spec television commercials and industrials and now two full-length novels.

Book Titles :
Necromancers’ Pride – Quest for Elderstone (Book 1)
Necromancers’ Pride – Tides of War (Book 2)

necromancers-pride-charles-david-carpenterNecromancer's Pride Tides
Published: January 8, 2014 and June 11, 2014

Genre: Fantasy

Interview summary:

Today we have a two-for-one bonus special with both the authors of the Necromancers’ Pride series dropping by for an interview. The two gentlemen are very endearing and bounce off each other well during the interview. They describe how they approach writing slightly differently, coming from different backgrounds and experiences. This allows them to develop their rich writing style. They also spend a lot of time on character development to keep their characters realistic and grounded. These guys are quite hilarious and I just know that you will love their funny interview.

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