Stephen Budrawich interviewed by Kasper Beaumont

I was born in Greenfield MA. At the age of 18 I was married and six months later I entered the US Air Force as a jet engine mechanic. Five years later I got out of the military and worked in a paper mill where I was injured in an industrial accident. I was out of work for two years because of the surgeries and physical therapy. After that I worked various jobs for laundry facilities to nursing homes and a lumber yard before entering a seminary for one semester. While I was working a summer job to save the money to go back to school I was hired and sent to North Carolina and worked there till I was laid off and then I acquired a job at Alcoa Aluminium company where I worked for 18 months before I was laid off because of the plant closure. They paid for me to go to college where I went for two semesters when the Tennessee plant called me to work there. I left North Carolina and moved to Tennessee and am presently working at Alcoa aluminium plant.

Book Title :Rays of Deception

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Genre: Sciene Fiction Suspense
Publish Date: September 10, 2013

Interview summary:

Stephen talks candidly about growing up with no other children around and developing a vivid imagination from an early age. He shares an extract of his Rays of Deception book which is an interrogation scene. Stephen tells that the book shows that people are not always what they appear to be to others around them. Every situation in their lives affects them at a subconscious level and can direct their future in both positive and negative ways.

He speaks of working on several books at once and how book 2 will be released soon, while books 3 and 4 are already in the pipeline.

Stephen has had a long road to publishing with the first book taking 15 years from beginning to completion. It sounds as though things are finally going his way and he will soon have more books to share with us.

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