“You Can Read It… It Won’t Bite”

If you are like me, which I’m sure you are since you’re reading this, you have a love for science fiction and fantasy. Since you most likely are like me, you probably, also, have friends and family that don’t read often. Whenever I talk to them about what I’m reading or writing, they get this vague, zoned-out look on their read more....

Natasha Brown Interview with Leisl kaberry

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Natasha was born in Nevada City, California. Being an only child, she resorted to using her imagination while exploring the forest surrounding her home (a nasty habit she hasn’t been able to break). Her natural interest in fantasy ignited when her parents read The Hobbit to her as a youth, and from then on anything seemed read more....

New Release Comic Fantasy: Have Frog, Will Travel – Will Macmillan Jones

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Will Macmillan Jones may not be the next Gary Moore but he does manage to entertain people with his engaging series of comic fantasy books The Banned Underground. This Fantasy Sci-Fi Network author released book six in the series on August 24th 2014.


 Have Frog, Will Travel

The Banned underground

Have Frog, Will Travel Small (2)

“The council use potholes to encourage read more....

New Release Steampunk: Ichabod Temperance is back!

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Ichabod Temperance is back with his 5th book in the ‘The Adventures of Ichabod Temperance’ series. His charming characters Ichabod and Persephone return in another steampunk sci-fi adventure, released on the12th of August 2014…

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery.’ Wikipedia.

In a Latitude of Temperance

by Ichabod Temperance

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