Santa’s Best Fantasy & Sci-Fi eBook Sale!

Holiday Sale 2014

It’s an e-book extravaganza! Look at all these Fantasy and Sci-Fi Bargains to fill your eStockings!

Some sales are extended through the new year. So check them all out. HURRY to get the books you’ll love (and send them as gifts too) as many of the special savings will disappear without notice!

The Fantasy and Sci-Fi Network has gathered over 45 eBooks and on December 21st  they are free, 99 cent deals, or deeply discounted from award-winning and bestselling authors like Leeland Artra, A.R. Silverberry, and J.D. Hallowell, and up-and-coming authors including Kasper Beaumont, Cheryllynn Dyess, Joshua Grasso, Robin Lythgoe, and many more.

cover-leeland-artra-thread-slivers-200x300Elven JewelHunter's QuestDragon's RevengeCalastanResolutionKylunaDragon Fate, by J.D. HallowellDragonlaceIn the MirrorAs the Crow FliesCount of the Living DeathThe Astrologer's PortraitWyndano's CloakThe StreamWith a Jester of KindnessAwakeningPearseus Boxed SetBrush With DarknessBlood of the WaterEclipticTitanian ChroniclesA Matter of TemperanceA World of InTemperanceFor the Love of TemperanceA Study in TemperanceIn a Latitude of TemperanceThe Measure of TemperanceOathtakerWizard DawningWizard's SwordDragon SwordBloodlineRed DragonFledglingHeaven and HoundThe Silver StrandThe Enemy WithinThe Lotus EffectThe Last Scribe PrequesThe Orb of TruthAmerican InsurrectionBounty HunterColony EarthKhamlokThe Dark OnesShadows of PandoraA Dark and Stormy NightSchrödinger's CatDispassionate LiesOn Westmount Station

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