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Drop Everything and Read!

April 12th is the birthday of beloved children’s author Beverly Cleary, now annual Drop Everything And Read day. To celebrate, support literacy: buy a book for yourself and one for a friend! FSFNet makes it easy with these great deals on over 50 Fantasy and Science Fiction titles from bestselling and up-and-coming authors, all rated G, PG, or PG-13.

Dragon Fate, by J.D. HallowellElven JewelHunter's QuestDragon's RevengeAs the Crow FliesIn the Mirror

CalastanResolutionKylunaA Witch's Dream World, Cheryllynn Dyess
Red DragonColony EarthKhamlokCount of the Living DeathThe Astrologer's PortraitWizard DawningWizard's SwordDragon SwordThe StreamWyndano's CloakThe Dark OnesThe Huntress, Nadja LosbohmJayden and the Mysterious Mountain, by Katrina Cope
The Enemy Within
Seeking a Scribe, by Marsha MooreDispassionate LiesSchrödinger's CatThe Orb of Truth, by Brae WyckoffIron Promises, by C.S. MarksFallen Embers, by C.S. MarksThought Gazer, by Raymond Bolton
Shadows of Pandora
Oathtakercover-leeland-artra-thread-slivers-200x300Thread Strands, by Leeland ArtraThe Power of Six, by Nicholas RossisPearseus: Rise of the PrinceGames of Chance, by Will HahnA Matter of TemperanceA World of InTemperanceFor the Love of TemperanceA Study in TemperanceIn a Latitude of TemperanceThe Measure of TemperanceJourney of Destiny, by Leisl KaberryTears, by Brian GuthrieElysia: She Had Eyes Only For What Could Be, by Jamie MaltmanHeirs of War, by Mara ValderranThis Changes Everything





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  • Annie

    This is so exciting. I love all the covers and can’t wait to read some new books.