Mind Control: Is it possible?

Mind control can disrupt the very foundation of our society. Just try to imagine this: your close friend happens to tell you that he has mind control powers but you don’t believe him. He demonstrates this to you by controlling his boss’ mind and convinces his boss to give him a million dollars. You can’t believe it. Just imagine the read more....

A Royal Knight – Sir Princess Petra’s Talent

Sir Princess Petra's Talent Book Cover Sir Princess Petra's Talent
The Pen Pieyu Adventures
Diane Mae Robinson
September 24, 2013

Humorous fantasy/adventure with moral values of kindness, understanding, and acceptance of others. Sir Princess Petra's Talent is the 2nd book in The Pen Pieyu Adventures:  children's chapter book series by multi-award winning author, Diane Mae Robinson.

Sir Princess Petra's
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The Saga of the Knight Captain by William Hahn

The Ring and the Flag (Shards of Light Book 1) Book Cover The Ring and the Flag (Shards of Light Book 1)
William L. Hahn
June 21, 2011

Newly-graduated imperial officer Justin is convinced he has no future, and hearing the details of the secret mission he's assigned for the Emperor won't change his mind. Civil War threatens the North Mark. Justin

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The Wizard Apprentice in Fantasy

Titanian Chronicles: Journey of destiny (Volume 1) Book Cover Titanian Chronicles: Journey of destiny (Volume 1)
Leisl Kaberry
September 10, 2013

Afeclin walked nervously to the entry of the cottage. He held his breath as he passed over the threshold.

A little cradle was the only piece of furniture left in the building.

Afeclin touched the cradle delicately with one finger.

All of a sudden

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