Mind Control: Is it possible?

Mind control can disrupt the very foundation of our society. Just try to imagine this: your close friend happens to tell you that he has mind control powers but you don’t believe him. He demonstrates this to you by controlling his boss’ mind and convinces his boss to give him a million dollars. You can’t believe it. Just imagine the consequences! So many different things could happen if we were given the ability to control someone else’s mind. Heck, we don’t even need to go that far. If we could just find a way to simply read their minds rather than control them, then that in itself would be enough to shake the very foundation of our modern society.

Mind Control: Is it moral?

Just think about it: your friend could actually hypnotize you into giving him your prized collection of men’s magazines hidden under your bed! If you’re a girl, well, it can get much, much worse. Even just having the ability to read someone’s mind can completely blur the lines between what is right and what is wrong. Imagine if the person down the street could tell what you were thinking about. Imagine if he could also reveal to you your deepest secrets and your most treasured memories, all because he could read minds. If mind reading ever becomes possible (and trust me, it just might, as scientists and researchers are actually working on it), it would definitely rearrange the way our society functions today. We probably wouldn’t even have a government or any order at all if everyone was given the ability to read minds. What would be the point of imposing law and order if anyone and everyone can easily access your deepest and darkest thoughts?

Mind Control: Is it real?

Many people nowadays already claim to be mind readers and psychics. Unfortunately, or thankfully, depending on your point of view, there is no scientific proof that these people really can read your mind or predict the future. Some people, however, have displayed odd and absurd tendencies when it comes to predicting future events. One famous 16th century psychic, Nostradamus, made multiple predictions in his lifetime that seem to have come true. Many of his predictions actually resembled a lot of the things that were going to happen in the future, such as Hitler’s rise to power and even the 9/11 attacks. Could Nostradamus really have had psychic powers?

Nostradamus is also only one of many different people throughout history who have displayed psychic abilities. Are these people truly psychic? Do they really have the ability to see into the future and read other people’s minds? Many studies are being conducted as we speak to further mankind’s knowledge on this dark and shady matter. There are still many things we cannot understand about life, the world and ourselves. Hopefully, so long as we have the patience for it, scientists will do their best to slowly unravel the answers to the many mysteries that we continue to ponder today. What’s more important to science fiction fans, though, is the wonderful storylines this possibility opens up!

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