The Quest of the Party of Adventurers

Thread Slivers: Golden Threads Trilogy, Book 1 Book Cover Thread Slivers: Golden Threads Trilogy, Book 1
Golden Threads Trilogy
Leeland Artra
Sci-fi, Fantasy
January 29, 2013

She craves fame. He wants freedom. When their worlds crumble, even survival may not be an option.

The world is driven by wizards, gods, and an imperial space marine 20,000 years into our future. Fame-hungry female mercenary Ticca is willing to skirt the edges of her warrior's code if it brings her the fame she desires. Her hopes of making a name for herself by spying on assassins are dashed when she's forced to kill the assassin she was hired to watch.

Lebuin is a rich journeyman mage who's just discovered his new rank involves actual journeying. He hires Ticca to help him advance to master and return to a life of comfort as quickly as possible. He's willing to spend all he has to make it happen, but the mage and his mercenary get much more than they bargained for.

Trapped in the crossfire of a vast power game, Ticca and Lebuin must survive a battle between rulers, guilds, and gods. In a land of magic and technology, they'll need to give everything to keep the world and themselves in one piece.

Thread Slivers is the first book in an epic fantasy/speculative sci-fi trilogy set in a distant future. If you like heroic, humorous, and exotic characters in a world that mixes elements of paranormal and hard sci-fi, then you'll love this beautiful, original, and thought-provoking adventure.

The party of adventurers has always been a constant staple for adventure and fantasy stories of legend, and even video games and RPGS. This is for good reason. The party of adventurers is a great theme to build a story around, because it contains all the great elements a story would need. Simply put, these are characters we, as readers of the story, can grow to care about. Characters that the story can revolve around and who readers can relate to, are essential for a great fantasy tale, or any other kind of tale for that matter.

What makes for a great Party of Adventurers? The band of adventurers is really a wonderful piece of fantasy fiction to work with. It is really simple and elegant in its basic form. Its constituent parts, the party members, ultimately determine whether the reader is drawn into the fantasy tale or not.

The core of the band of adventures must be a great and strong leader they look up to. This leader steers the group in its direction and goals, and generally keeps the party together. All the other party members will often look to this leader for direction and guidance in their turbulent adventures.

However, there is no great leader without great followers as well. The party leader must have able and reliable party members who follow him, and who he count on in a pinch. These members should be there for him and show that they support him and the general goals of the party.

A Great Trilogy

A great example of the party of adventurers shines through in the Golden Threads Trilogy of Fantasy books. The Party is led by Ticca, a young and brash, but honorable mercenary. The trilogy begins with the young and relatively unknown Ticca, out to make a name for herself in the big city. Just to get by, she accepts what seems to be a simple and straightforward assignment for coin. As the stories move on, she meets Lebuin, a travelling mage, and his servant Ditani. Initially, the three of them mistrust each other and seem to have different and opposing goals. However, as all is revealed, they are drawn into an epic adventure that is bigger than anything they could have thought of.

As the trilogy powers on, Ticca and Lebuin gain considerable strength and mature with age. The reader is witness to their characters’ growth and is drawn in for a very satisfying ride.

The Conclusion

In many ways, we are all adventurers in our own journeys in life. Because of this, we, too, are always creating our own little party of adventurers that aid us in our quests. Although our lives may seem mundane, this is probably why we can relate so well with a band of adventurers in fantasy and epic tales. The adventures and legends that they carve out will always live on and resonate with all kinds of readers.


About the Author

Leeland Artra

I live in the Emerald City (Seattle, Washington) with my wonderful wife and idea-inspiring son. The first half of my life was “wasted” (as my mother said once) being an avid science-fiction/fantasy reader. It took me twenty years of thinking I should publish, before I finally got serious in 2012. I’m working to become a full time author. For now there is reality, so I work as a software engineer (which I refer to as being a code janitor) for Expedia. In short, by day I help people take fabulous vacations, and at night I help people take even more fantastic trips of the imagination. Helping people have happier lives appeals to the Dagger in my soul. The symmetry of my work appeals to the Navy-trained computer scientist in me. If you like Fantasy, Science-Fiction, and RPGs feel free to drop me a note I’d love to hear from you.


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