Weapons in Science Fiction

Royal Pains: Chronicles I (Starshot:Universe Book 1) Kindle Edition Book Cover Royal Pains: Chronicles I (Starshot:Universe Book 1) Kindle Edition
Brien O'Raighne
Science Fiction
August 4, 2015
188 pages

Douglas and Querilla are enjoying a qjuiet day
Or so they thought
They are ambushed.
Querilla is, eventually, abducted.
Douglas is off to rescue the princess

Who is attacking them?
What is their purpose?
What does this mean for the future of Douglas and Querilla?

People have had a long fascination with Science Fiction and all the stories that sprout from it. Known as Sci-Fi, the genre has entertained and fascinated generations of fans. But what is it about Sci-fi that keeps fans enthralled and coming back for more? Is it the fantastic landscapes of the far flung planets? Or the long stretches of the universe that we can only visit through our imagination? Perhaps it’s the main characters in these tales of bravery and adventure across space that gets our attention.

Maybe it’s all that and one more elements to Sci-Fi—one that deserves our scrutiny: powerful and often fantastic weaponry in Sci-Fi is one key component to the genre. Here are some things that make for memorable Sci-Fi weaponry.

1. Sci-Fi weaponry is usually based on weaponry we are already familiar with.
Sci-Fi weaponry is usually already familiar to us, before we have even read the book. They are usually based on weapons we already know, only with a twist to make them more fantastic or futuristic. Hence the usual array of blasters based on traditional guns, lasers and plasma staves, or swords of light, based on actual hack and slash weapons. These common armaments powered by uncommon power sources often give us familiarity and fantasy all in one brilliant move.

2. The characters all travel in starships that can crisscross planets and galaxies.
Characters in these stories often need to travel a lot. With their backdrop being miles and miles of unknown space and hostile enemy planets, you would need transport that could traverse the many miles of the galaxies, while still packing a good punch. Good Sci-Fi weaponry includes an appropriate mode of transportation—and the means to defend it.

3. Sci-Fi weapons include powerful battle suits used by hardened soldiers.
Just as with all weapons, you need good armor and suits to complement them with. Often, soldiers in these epic tales of battle and adventure need armor that will also protect them while they are free to inflict all the pain and the agony that their exotic weapons can bring to bear.

4. Using weapons in Sci-Fi is an accepted way of life.
In many of these fantastic tales, most of the populace are more than just passingly accustomed to the use of Sci-Fi weapons. To them, it is a way of life, and a matter of life and death. Not being able to use such weapons would probably result in death. Using them is an essential way to survive in their much harsher world.

In Royal Pains: Chronicles I (Starshot: Chronicles Book 1) written by Brien O’Raighne, all these elements are present, with a generous helping of a lot more as well. We have all the high stakes, violence, drama, and fantasy that Sci-Fi readers have come to expect from a good Sci-Fi tale. O’Raighne crafts a masterful tale of excitement and suspense in a strange and unfamiliar corner of the galaxy, where a lot is at stake. What seems as a simple abduction soon leads to so much more as the story unfolds.

About the Author

Brien O’Raighne hails from Houston, Texas.

He has a son from a previous marriage.

He loves to write. It is a passion of his. Some would say an obsession, but those don’t really support him when they call it an obsession.

His writing usually combines my influences of Epic Fantasy, Sci-Fi Sagas, Paranormal, Classic Horror monsters, Superheroes and more. With what I like movie wise it would be hard for most people to understand some of my major influences in writing. His influences include: J.K. Rowling, E.B. White, Homer, William Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Chris Claremont, Lara Hama, Margaret Weis, Tracey Hickman, J Michael Strasczynski, Todd McFarlane, Scott Lobdell, Timothy Zahn, Roald Dahl, amongst others.

Fun facts about Brien:

Zodiac sign: Sagitarius

Favorite Genres: Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Mystery, Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Suspense

Favorite Music: Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Chris Tomlin, Chris Rice, Some Queen, Some Journey, Aerosmith

Favorite Foods: Pizza, Hot Dogs, Spaghetti, Quiche, Eggs, Pancakes, Yogurt, Cheesecake, Pumpkin Pie, Ham, Mac & Cheese


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