Year’s End Blockbuster Sale!


It’s an e-book blockbuster sale! Check out all these Fantasy and Sci-Fi bargains to fill up your new e-readers, stuff stockings—or curl up with after the holidays!

HURRY to get the books you’ll love (and send them as gifts too), as many of the special savings will disappear without notice! Be sure to double-check before you hit Buy.

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Coming Soon: Year’s End Blockbuster Sale!


The Fantasy Sci-Fi Network is having a terrific blockbuster sale this holiday season! December 19th begins our e-book extravaganza of free books, 99 cent deals, and deep discounts on fantasy and science fiction books from award-winning and bestselling authors like Patricia Reding, A.R. Silverberry, L.R.W. Lee, and J.D. Hallowell; and up-and-coming authors including Charles D. Carpenter/D.W. Jones, Kasper Beaumont, Joshua read more....