Year’s End Blockbuster Sale!


It’s an e-book blockbuster sale! Check out all these Fantasy and Sci-Fi bargains to fill up your new e-readers, stuff stockings—or curl up with after the holidays!

HURRY to get the books you’ll love (and send them as gifts too), as many of the special savings will disappear without notice! Be sure to double-check before you hit Buy.

The Fantasy and Sci-Fi Network has gathered over 40 eBooks and on December 19th they are going on sale: free, 99 cent deals, or deeply discounted from award-winning and bestselling authors like Patricia Reding, A.R. Silverberry, L.R.W. Lee, and J.D. Hallowell. We’ve also got up-and-coming authors including Kasper Beaumont, Robin Lythgoe, Joshua Grasso, Lori Fitzgerald, and many more.

Dragon Fate, by J.D. HallowellOathtaker, by Patricia RedingSelect, by Patricia RedingThe Stream, by A.R. SilverberryWyndano's Cloak, by A.R. SilverberryLove Lies Bleeding, by Lori FitzgeraldSongs Within Stone, by Lori FitzgeraldThe Winged Turban, by Joshua GrassoThe Jaguar Key, Katherine StarbirdAs the Crow Flies, by Robin LythgoeThe High Roads, by Robin LythgoeIn the Mirror, by Robin LythgoeThe Kalarthri, by HM ClarkeElven Jewel, by Kasper BeaumontSienna the Huntress, by Kasper BeaumontNecromancer's PrideThe Huntress, by Nadja LosbohmDispassionate Lies, Eileen SchuhSchrödinger's Cat, Eileen SchuhWizard Dawning, by C.M. LanceWizard's Sword, by CM LanceDragon Sword, by CM LancePower of the Heir's Passion, by LRW LeeBlast of the Dragon's Fury, by LRW LeeThe Enemy Within, by Lynette WhiteAn Elfy on the Loose, by Barb CaffreyTo Survive the Maelstrom, by Barb CaffreyA Dark and Stormy Night, by Barb CaffreyOn Westmount Station, by Barb CaffreyColumba and the Cat, by Barb CaffreyThis Changes Everything, by Sally Ember Ed.D.Ben the Dragonborn, Dianne AstleCrimson Mercury, by Katherine KautzmanHijacked, by Paul FlemingChildren of Earth, by Paul FlemingA Matter of Temperance, by Ichabod TemperanceThe SatNav of Doom, by Will Macmillan JonesThe Showing, by Will Macmillan JonesWith a Jester of Kindness, by Kurt HerbelAwakeningThought Gazer, by Raymond Boltonthreadslivers

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  • This is great news! Shared. Now, off to see which ones of these awesome books to read first… 🙂

  • L R W Lee

    What an impressive selection! I’ll have to check ’em out!

  • Kasper Beaumont

    What an awesome collection. A few there I have yet to read. What fun!