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Home on the Strange - a Brewster & Brewster Adventure Book Cover Home on the Strange - a Brewster & Brewster Adventure
Murray Lindsay
Science Fiction-Adventure-Western
Cabin 4 Books
November, 2014

(from the back cover:)

Abigail Maye "Blackie" Brewster can't believe her luck—schlepping around in the summer heat as the assistant of a high-maintenance movie producer.  When did her life become a mix of flat and irritating?  What's a world-wandering nomad from Saskatchewan to do?

Abagael Mae "Magpie” Brewster can't believe her luck—spending the summer sailing the skies in a prototype steam blimp, flying a circuit of the Western Domains, engaging in a little light espionage.  What more could a University of Saskatchewan Academician desire?

Blackie's life veers in a direction that threatens to snap her mind.  Magpie's light-hearted spying takes a hard and dangerous direction that threatens to snap her spirit.  When the paths of these identical twins born of different mothers intersect and tangle together, their lives become a race across a rolling prairie landscape both familiar and strange.

Home on the Strange is a rootin'-tootin' daredevil tale of far-fetched fiction in a west that does not share our history.

Author Bio


Author Murray Lindsay

Howdy!  I’m Murray Lindsay, a proud son of Saskatchewan’s rolling prairie.  Something in the endless horizons is good for the creative spirit, because statistics consistently show more writers and readers per capita than anywhere else in Canada.  The public libraries boast the most active patronage as well.

All this good energy soaked into me from birth.  I’m a graphic artist and illustrator to earn my daily beans and bed.  I’ve read for enjoyment since I could be trusted not to get any book in Daddy’s library sticky.  And now I’m an author.  Pretty heady stuff, indeed.

I’m about to celebrate the tenth anniversary of meeting the woman/wife of my dreams and the first anniversary of living in the perfect (no, really) house.

*** Author Interview ***

Today the Fantasy Sci-Fi Network welcomes Murray Lindsay for an author interview.

Hi Murray, it’s great to have you here.  Do you have a pen name and why?
I do not. I recall looking into the daunting red tape of having a pen name. I guess I was following the example of a good friend who had published a book of kids’ travel games under a pen name to keep his artistic name and his writing name separate. It seemed a reasonable course until my Dad asked me “Why do you want one?” Saying it out loud, I found myself quite inarticulate. Why did I? Just emulating my buddy didn’t cut any ice. I decided to plunge in with my real name and, if fame came my way, then use a pen name if I tried a vastly different genre.

What are you working on now?
I have this month finished a first draft of a book that has a quasi-serious, adventurous look at a possible reason as to why aliens haven’t contacted humanity. I’m pleased with it and wish my beta-readers would get a wiggle on with their feedback!

While waiting on that, I’ve decided the Brewster women in “Home on the Strange” are probably good for a trilogy. Book #2 is in the planning stages.

What made you choose this genre?
Speculative fiction is my legacy, extending back to my Granddad to Dad to me. I might be a bit of a “black sheep” for embracing fantasy in my reading lists as well. I’m pretty sure I’ll still be invited home for the holidays.

Having literally grown up with the stuff, I may be akin to a person raised on hot chili and spices thru their life. Mainstream fiction tastes pretty darned bland to me.

Sounds like a great pedigree for writing.

What’s the basic plot of your book?
A woman named “Blackie” Brewster is unhappy with her life as she hears the approaching hoofbeats of 30 coming closer. That is a key element that has her “pop” from our Earth thru the quantum membrane to a parallel Earth. There she meets her dimensional twin, “Magpie” Brewster. Magpie begins the tale entirely pleased with her life, but then experiences stresses she never anticipated. These sister-strangers born of different worlds must lean on each other in a race against time and deadly danger across the flatlands. They use their wits, push their stamina and occasionally apply a boot to the head as they struggle to stay alive and make the deadly finish line.

I’m not going to reveal the divergence point that separates the history of the two Earths. I will say that Magpie’s Earth “went off the rails” at the end of the 19th century. The misfortune held back the development of the flatland cultures so that even in the 21st century, they live in a quasi “Wild West” environment. Some fans suggest I use the term “steampunk”, but I would hate to mislead avid fans of that genre. In terms of the technology and culture of these Flatland Domains, I kept as close as I could to realio-trulio possibilities and probabilities.

Fascinating world-building.

Have you used any real events or places as inspiration for your writing?
The province of Saskatchewan and her wide, rolling prairie. The South Saskatchewan River, devoid of the dams that exist on our Earth. The Brewsters ride, walk, run, paddle and fly from the deep southwest corner in the Cypress Hills all the way to Saskatoon. I referenced my own experiences when possible, and the web when necessary, for every step of the journey.

What song would you choose as the theme song of your book?
I’m thinking maybe the full 12-ish minutes of “The Overture to William Tell”. Not just the famous final bit, “March of the Swiss Soldiers”.

Alternatively, I’d open with “Catch Us If You Can” as done by Elle King and then let Elle compose a soundtrack from there.

What music do you listen to when writing?
I don’t, as a rule. Music is too potent. When I’m trying to immerse in a fierce scene, I don’t need some skippy little riff to break my mood. When I’m trying to be light and humorous, I don’t need some grim power ballad. Silence, however, can be occasionally stifling. My solution is to tap into a collection of “Sounds of Nature”. Waves crashing on a beach. Night in a forest. Stuff like that. Amuses the ear without making too much of itself.

How do you handle marketing on social media?
In a word: dismally.

I’m defining “social media” as the stuff that needs daily, hourly or even by the minute attention. The outlets that require a monthly or weekly pace aren’t so bad. I certainly respond to emails and queries and enjoy posting on my blog.

The “hot” social media streams demand too much time and energy. If I wanted to be grinning and waving to a crowd of fans all day, I’d give up writing to play a banjo down on Main Street.

How did you go about developing your cover artwork?
My day job is as a self-employed graphic artist and illustrator. So, it mostly involved looking in the mirror and agreeing to do the cover, the entire layout, a map and some spot interior illustrations. I got the “friends and family” rate.

Haha.  Sounds like a perfect hobby.

Who would you choose to read your audiobook?
Claudia Black.

Do you prefer ebook or hardcopy?
I refuse to be so binary in this discussion. There is very much a time and place for both.
When I’m at home in my favourite chair, or maybe in the back yard in the shade, a paper book is a delight.

When I’m commuting on a bus, sitting in a dentist’s office or waiting for a connecting flight, out comes the phone (I hate Kindle) and a digital book. No fuss, no muss and time passes in pleasant fashion.

If you could only take three books with you through an interstellar portal, what would they be?
That’s a toughie. I’ll look like quite the goober if I take an armload of “Robinson Crusoe” survival manuals and land in the downtown greenspace of the Federation’s capital city. Likewise, I’ll feel pretty dopey taking some art or culture books to try and impress intelligent aliens, only to find myself on a raw jungle planet.

Well, “Gray’s Anatomy” (the legendary reference book, not some TV novelisation) would be my first pick. It will either help me solve my own medical issues (fingers crossed) or be a guide for intelligent aliens to help me with medical issues.

Maybe “Chicago Mobs of the Twenties” (author unknown), in case the aliens are intelligent, but not sophisticated. It has a proven track record in that regard (two points to identify the source of this assertion)

“Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)” by Jerome K. Jerome. A pleasant book to reread on a lonely night under multiple moons.

Who are your five favourite authors?
Keith Laumer, Damon Runyon, Connie Willis, Terry Pratchett and Edgar Rice Burroughs. That’ll do for an all-star line-up.

What is your favourite quote?
“Isn’t it amazing how one person can read ‘War & Peace’ and come away thinking it was a simple adventure story while another can peruse the back of a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe.” – Lex Luthor

Good choice.

What do you write about in your blog?
It’s been focused predominantly on writing, but I’ve given myself permission to explore the creative elements of anything I put my hand to; art, painting, graphics, game design, etc. I’ve tossed in a few book reviews. For reasons I can’t articulate, I’m hesitating to wander so far as movie reviews.

Quick quiz

Favourite food: Polynesian (aka Hawaiian) Pizza. Deep dish.
Silliest saying: “Riding an elevator is a lot more fun if you pretend it’s a time machine.”
Best holiday spot: Road tripping somewhere with my wife. We pick cool destinations, but we make sure to enjoy the journey with music, chatter, photo stops, impulse food and etc.
Favourite song at the moment: “Rout of Moy” by Albannach
Star Wars or Lord of the Rings: A long time ago, several movie sequels distant, the answer would be “Star Wars”, given with an operatic bellow. Now…both franchises are second place to a lot of stuff.
Best superpower: 99.9% accuracy in a seven day weather forecast.
Number one thing to do on your bucket list: Sign a contract to option the movie rights to one of my books.


Thanks Murray.  It has been a lot of fun getting to know you.  Best wishes for your books and for scoring that movie contract.

Interviewed by Kasper Beaumont, author of the Hunters of Reloria fantasy series. www.huntersofreloria.weebly.com


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