Drop Everything and Read 2017 by Cheryllynn Dyess, FSFNet Correspondent

Dragons, fairies, magic, swords, new worlds, and alternate realities, oh my! Escaping into the pages of a book is one of the greatest indulgences a person can have. Beginning in childhood, children are either read to or whisked away to the school library on weekly outings to grab a book and read with their classmates. Beverly Cleary’s books are among some of the many we would choose from. Cleary made great impressions upon us all with relatable stories to teach us life lessons without us even noticing. Drop Everything And Read is one such impression. Ever since that fateful day in 1981 when Beverly Clearly published Ramona Quimby, Age 8, there have been Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R.) events, and today is no different1.

More than a decade ago, during an interview with staff from Reading Rockets about a National Drop Everything And Read Day, Cleary was asked what she hoped people would get from it. She responded simply, “That they enjoyed it so much that it will be more than just a day.”2 Today, with the internet, books are easily accessible and getting readers both seasoned and new, to join in is easy!

The Fantasy and Sci-Fi Network (FSFNet) is a conglomeration of authors who write within the Fantasy and Science-Fiction genres but stay within a PG-13 US rating, giving readers a good clean read. Whether best-sellers or novice, the authors of the FSFNet converge multiple times throughout the year to offer readers some lovely reading morsels at discounted rates to encourage reading and its enjoyment.

The FSFNet first joined the readers’ trend of having a D.E.A.R. event in 2015 with nearly thirty members joining in to offer up more than fifty of their own works at discounted or free prices for readers to gobble them up3. This year the group is organizing a Facebook Event that will highlight each author participating, allowing the readers to get to the know the authors a bit better, as well as offering up a chance at some wonderful prizes.

So, whether you enjoy a new world with battles raging on, a peaceful fairyland where magic reigns, dragon battles, swordsmanship, or something in between, you are sure to find a great read or two within the realm of the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Network. Join us on April 12th and Drop Everything And Read!


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