Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Competitions to keep an eye on by Cheryllynn Dyess, FSFNet Correspondent

When an author sits down to write a book, they put their heart and soul into each word, line, and page. While many do not consider earning high distinctions and awards, they are telling a story that must be told; the books written are an esteemed honor in themselves

Each year, thousands upon thousands of writers and readers watch the multitude of awards ceremonies happening all over the world to see who won what and with what book. The Science-Fiction and Fantasy communities are no different. We all want to see the awards, the winners shine, and the books that earned them the honors. Many awards ceremonies are so popular, it’s almost impossible not to know about them, and there are the ones we aren’t aware of. I’ve searched and scanned the web for awards ceremonies—known and unknown—to share with you. Here are ten fantasy and science-fiction book competitions we should all pay attention to in 2017, not listed in any particular order. While you read through the list, be aware. Some awards have already been given, so click over and check out the winners. For those awards that have not ended, mark your calendars for an event to remember!

Nebula Awards—Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America began the traditional awards in 1965 given for “best novel, novella, novelette, and short story. The Award for Best Script was added in 2000.” ( The awards banquet is each spring.

Parsec Ink—Each year, with a new theme, for the last twenty years, Parsec has been giving awards to non-professional authors. ( Winners are announced in June.

Readers’ Favorite Annual Award Contest—Open to all authors (of any level) and awards are given in 100+ genres. ( With almost 300 in attendance in Miami, Florida the respected annual event gets the attention of publishers. The winners are announced September 1 with awards given in mid-November.

The New England Science Fiction Association’s Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Story Contest ended in February, but you are sure to find a great read among the winners. With only fifty submissions allotted, you must enter early to get a qualified entry. (

The Ozma Awards~ Fantasy Fiction Novel Writing Contest—With six categories in fantasy available, The Ozma Awards accepts books written no later than December 2014 and works with greater than 50,000 words. Winners are announced at the following years Chanticleer Awards Conference & Awards Gala. (

Barnes & Noble Best of Sci-Fi & Fantasy—Each year, B&N picks their top twenty-five choices for the best Science Fiction and Fantasy books. Announced in November. (

Kindle Book Awards—Seven major categories for any book that qualifies and makes the cut. Kindle Book Awards are highly visible, and awards range from monetary awards to memberships to badges. Winners announced in November. (

Hugo Awards—Happening since 1955, the Hugo Awards are the most recognized honors for an author and their work! The World Science Fiction Convention manages the awards. Basically, the Hugo Awards is to the science-fiction community as the Oscars or Grammy’s are to the movie and music industry. Awards are given in August. (

National Indie Excellence Awards—Since 2007, the National Indie Excellence Awards (NIEA) has been awarding indie authors with the honor and recognition. Awards and Finalists are announced in May. (

World Fantasy Awards—1975 marked the beginning of the World Fantasy Convention in Providence, Rhode Island, highlighting interests in light and dark fantasy art and literature. Awards are given near Halloween. (

While this is a short list of awards given to the Fantasy and Science-Fiction community, they are all worth watching! Many great awards and honors are given each year across the globe to authors and their hard work! Happy Reading!

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