12 Days of FSFNet Christmas – Day Three – Kurt (KC) Herbel

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K. C. Herbel, author of The Jester King Fantasy Series, spent the first part of his adult life building Oscar-winning robotic monsters in Hollywood, but now commits such dastardly acts with a pen. He loves Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and helms the author-centric website Other Worlds (www.TheOtherWorlds.net). K. C. has traveled extensively; living, working and studying local culture in Korea, Japan, China, Russia, Germany, Mexico, England and France, but America is home. He now lives hidden from his torch-bearing pursuers in the woods of Virginia, with his complex wife, a pack of hungry dogs, and a monster. Visit him at www.KCHerbel.com.

Kurt’s main genre of writing is Fantasy, featuring The Innkeeper’s Son.

The Innkeeper's Son (Jester King Book One), by KC Herbel


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