12 Days of FSFNet Christmas – Day Four – EA Hennessy

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E. A. Hennessy is an author of steampunk, fantasy, and science fiction novels. Since childhood, whenever she happened upon a wishing well or other wish-granting object, her wish would be the same: she wanted to go on an adventure. And so, she wrote the types of adventures on which she’d like to embark, often involving mythical creatures and curious characters. She participates regularly in National Novel Writing Month and loves taking on new writing challenges. E. A. Hennessy grew up in Troy and Latham, New York and now lives in Buffalo, New York, where she works as an environmental engineer. When she isn’t writing or working, she can be found dancing with the American Tribal Style troupe Relativity BellyDance.

EA’s main writing genre is Steampunk, featuring Grigory’s Gadget.

Grigory's Gadget, by E.A. Hennessy

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