12 Days of FSFNet Christmas – Day Twelve – Robin Lythgoe

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Robin Lythgoe spent her formative years in a family of seven readers (including herself) with diverse interests. Fantasy, with its wonderful worlds and creatures and magic, firmly captured her heart.

Though she’s never trained as a thief or ridden a dragon, she has long harbored an excitement for learning. This has led to several self-taught talents such as writing, research, editing, Photoshop, mapmaking, and website coding. Her yearning to learn also results in lengthy visits to museums and historical sites, where she reads everything in sight and looks up Even More on her trusty traveling data center. Her husband calls her a ‘brown ajah,’ which is acceptable only if the brown is dark chocolate (because milk chocolate is a color, not a flavor).

Today she writes tales about wizards and magic, fantastical places and extraordinary—journeys.

Robin’s main writing genre is Fantasy, featuring the As the Crow Flies.

As the Crow Flies, by Robin Lythgoe

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