Fantasy & Sci-Fi Network Charter

The Fantasy & Sci-Fi Network (FSF Net) is a collection of authors, bloggers, and reviewers who are passionate about finding and creating quality fantasy/sci-fi books which are also teen safe (G, PG, or PG-13 rated). FSF Net members all contribute the latest news about fantasy and sci-fi books, authors, articles, podcasts, movies, and events that meet the FSF Net guidelines to the FSF Net News page and Twitter @FSFNet.

FSF Net news (e.g. reviews, interviews, sales, new releases, etc.) will also be posted to the public FSF Net page as well as likely blogged about on the FSF Network web site at

What does it mean to be a FSF Net author/reviewer/blogger? It means you promise that all the works published/posted by you (or under the pen name you use exclusively within the FSF Net) will:

  1. Be top quality (good editing, properly formatted, properly cited, etc.)
  2. Be a thoughtfully unique story/book/article/review which may or may not be fully explored.
  3. Not use language that would be considered above a PG-13 rating level.
  4. Will NOT be written as a platform for teaching or preaching intolerance of views, beliefs, behavior, race or gender that differ from one’s own.

Further for works of fiction:

  1. The physics will follow rules (If there is super science or magic, fine, but it cannot do something in one situation and then be unable to do the same thing later or vice versa. In other words, magic and super-science follow rules, and will not be just a plot device.)
  2. Characters develop, learn, and change with the plots. Sure some characters are well established but even old wolves can learn new tricks.
  3. The language meets either a G/PG/PG-13 rating. It is acknowledged by the readers and authors that based on the world, the characters, and situation some cussing is not only appropriate but would be totally unbelievable without it. The rating guidelines have provisions for exceptions.
  4. Sex scenes are kept to a minimum, and when present, because they make sense, they are mostly left to the imagination. Again conforming to the max PG-13 rating.
  5. The stories do not glorify war, killing, kidnapping, torture, or abusive treatment of people. It is acknowledged that the fantasy/sci-fi genre based on sword, sorcery, and guns. However, the primary characters in the works discussed and promoted by the FSF Network will not be violent killers that revel in the gruesome acts. It is a fine line to walk, but still, it is doable.

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