Thread Slivers (Golden Threads Trilogy Book One) by Leeland Artra

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Leeland Artra - Thread Slivers CoverThe fantasy genre is evolving into a wondrous holistic, intelligent area of storytelling. Its boundaries are governed purely by the limits of the author’s imagination. This is one such adventure, unique, original, compelling and complex in thought and execution. Don’t miss a word, stay on your toes and enjoy this wild ride.

The mixture of fantasy and science fiction will endeavour to infuse the reader with excitement, endearing characters and bizarre phenomenon’s. Thread Slivers, part one of the Golden Threads series, will take you on a roller coaster ride that is fast paced, complex with twists and turns that can spit you out if you are not careful. The beautifully crafted story has been many years in the making ensuring the elements of fantasy and sci- fi are intractably blended tightly throughout, adding extra flavour and depths to characters, scenes and plots.

Slivers is created upon a world full of contradiction and mystery. The kingdom of Aelargo is futuristic in time but socially, economically and politically stalled in a past period where limited resources, weaponry and behaviours are basic if not barbaric in nature.

The reader is introduced to the two integral characters Ticca and Lebuin. At the start Ticca is perched on a roof observing the night market, an area of ill repute. As a new member to the Dagger guild, she is out to prove her worth and succeed on her first big mission. Unbeknown to all Ticca though inexperienced has been highly trained to be a Dagger from an early age, learning techniques few have heard of – let alone seen. Finding her mark will cause a life and death struggle later in the night, this struggle was witnessed by an apprentice mage Lebuin from a window across the road.

Lebuin had just completed his last task, a final exam to becoming a Journeyman Magus. Although a very powerful mage he must endure the rituals of the academy. ‘Was it chance or fate that intervened that fateful night that led Lebuin to look through that window at that precise moment?’ Their first actual meeting the following day, is a comedy of errors throwing together Ticca, Lebuin, a new side character Ditani, and an unknown assassin in a battle of will and survival. This will create a ripple effect that eventually will lead the three on a journey of magic, unbridled mystery, total mayhem, danger and profound discovery.

Interwoven within this ripple are spindles reaching out to pull in the many layers and side plots simultaneously playing out their scenes. The disappearance of an immortal and powerful Mage; the desperate struggle of Ditani to find his master; the introduction of Duke, a fantasy creature so large in life and personality, bringing wit and humour to the serious side of life; the many gods, demi-gods and their politics; and we must not forget the antagonist with his pure cold blooded evilness and his merry band of blind faithful followers – super soldiers bent on murder, mayhem, utilising futuristic magic, and weaponry to induce genocide for all in their path. Oh and so much more.

The quality of the writing was clear, concise and rich with fullness of character, plot and scene development. The characters, too many to discuss in this review all took on differing compelling traits; endearing, empathetic, faithful, frightening, complex and dynamic. Each underwent development at stages relevant to the story, thus enhancing their roundness into three dimensional characters as the adventure progressed. There were the usual two dimensional side characters and the red shirts that did not last long enough for growth.

There was equal balance between plots and characters due to the expert word and sentence building. Stylistic devices employed showed emotional and concrete thinking by the main characters (The character Duke is a great example of this in play). The aesthetic and intellectual qualities of the writing showed not simplicity but clarity of thought and plot mapping ensuring the flow of the complex story stayed on track. The main plot is so deep and mysterious, it lays masterfully hidden. Many layers, side plots and characters weave within the centre loom, working in rhythmic tandem to each other, each thread integral to the whole.

The voice of the characters remained true throughout the story with seamless transition from descriptive writing to narrative / conversational styles. What was intriguing and perfected is the differentiation between a character speaking and their mind thoughts, fluidity of words and grammar at their best. Adding beauty and quality within the story are the artistic creations that assist with visualisation of the characters, places and scenes, a fabulous rich bonus.

The first installment of the thread series is enjoyable, thought provoking, intelligent and exciting. Of course; we have the cliff hanger at the end, invoking many evil thoughts by the reader for the author. Note! That this reviewer did not mention the protagonist, why? Well like the main plot it is also hidden deep within the story. Think of this story as a giant puzzle with hints, clues and minute crumbs, subtly secreted within the adventure, giving an edge to the mysterious quality of the story within. Wouldn’t it be great if in fact the protagonist turned out to be the author, pitting his deviousness against the reader and the integral characters within? Each time they get close to their goal, the author adapts spinning the plot and forcing the reader to reset the facts into a new pattern; Food for thought?

Thank you for this well written story.


Criteria Relevant information Mark
1. Perception:

  • Believability
  • Correct science
  • Correct fiction facts
  • Society makes sense
  • Type of writing, smooth flow/ how is the transition from Descriptive to Narrative.
Fantasy blended with Intelligent Science Fiction genre. All aspects written well enough for believability with plots, characters and world presented.Correct science attendedCorrect fiction facts noted with characters.

Anything is possible, just have to believe

Fluid flowing writing and scenes. Differentiation between character voices, mind thoughts and narration with descriptive word building and expert grammar.

(5 / 5)
2. Grammar :

  • Spelling errors
  • Syntax/ Sentence structure
  • Punctuation
  • Laziness/Sloppiness
  • Format issues, missing words
Revised version- nilSentence structures- high quality writing styleNo grammatical errors of significance noted (5 / 5)
3. Characters:

  • Too many with some forgotten
  • Complexity/Roundness
  • Growth pattern
  • Speech pattern in keeping with character
  • Likeability/originality
Plethora of characters- all accounted for except the protagonist???All major characters grew into three dimensional rounded characters, there was an assortment of two dimensional, dynamic, support characters, and of course the red shirts which are static and never last long enough to evolve.Speech patterns were definitely in keeping with characters personality.

The good characters were likable and endearing. The evil characters were written well enough to convey dislike from the reader. All original in thought and purpose.

(5 / 5)
4. Plot /Story line:

  • Crafting of plot/plots
  • Complexity
  • How do they converge
  • Humor/Tragedy was it real to reader
  • Ending
The main plot is hidden from the reader; there are hints, crumbs left to inspire curiosity. Multi layered where the reader will be introduced to the layers only and many side plots playing out simultaneously.The plots converge like its name, threads woven within a loom, complex.Humour evident throughout, tragedy is not graphic.

Oh the dreaded cliff hanger, with an apology.

(5 / 5)
5. Bigger Picture:

  • Reader involvement
  • Social/ethical dilemmas/morals
  • Order of story does it work
  • Did the reader enjoy it/Do you want to read more
  • Plagiarism
Reader felt like a character within the story, not a passenger.Underlying social and moral dilemmas.Story flow was expertly crafted, though this reviewer felt the deviousness of the author with drip feeding the reader.

clues, hints to the big picture. A very curious person would go mad!

Very enjoyable, wanted more now so I could solve all the riddles.

Sore tongue from trying to pronounce names and places


(5 / 5)

Overall Rating

  1. Star Poor
  2. Stars Needs a lot of rework to make it better
  3. Stars Good but has some problem areas
  4. Stars Really good just couple problems
  5. Stars Excellent
Perception: (5 / 5)
Grammar: (5 / 5)
Characters: (5 / 5)
Plot: (5 / 5)
Big Picture: (5 / 5)
Average: (5 / 5)
(5 / 5)

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