Kasper Interviews Author Alina Sayre

The Illuminated Kingdom Book Cover The Illuminated Kingdom
The Voyages of the Legend, Book 4
Alina Sayre (www.alinasayre.com)
Middle Grades Fantasy
November 3, 2017

The Vestigia Roi has risen up to retake their home island of Rhynlyr, but all Ellie can think about is rescuing her missing brother, Connor. Guided by a dream of Connor’s whereabouts, Ellie disobeys the

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Kasper Interviews Authors Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown

The Intuitives Book Cover The Intuitives
Erin Michelle Sky and Steven Brown
YA contemporary fantasy
Trash Dogs Media LLC
July 25, 2017


In Egypt, an archaeological team discovers the lost tomb of Alexander the Great. Seven years later, every public school student in America takes a strange new test, but only

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2016 Holiday Sale – Coming Soon!


The Fantasy Sci-Fi Network will host it’s annual Fantasy and Scifi e-book holiday sale this 2016. On December 17 to December 31, 2016, we’ll be hosting an e-book extravaganza with free books, 99 cent deals, and deep discounts on fantasy and science fiction books from award-winning and bestselling authors!

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Kasper Interviews Author Chris Johnson

Dead Cell (Revenant Chronicles Book 1) Kindle Edition Book Cover Dead Cell (Revenant Chronicles Book 1) Kindle Edition
Revenant Chronicles
Chris Johnson
Paranormal Action Thriller
Chris Johnson
November 2016

Road fatalities in Statton have jumped in a week to nearly half of Queensland's annual figures, and the authorities are concerned. They believe them to be accidents caused by driver carelessness and bad luck,

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Kasper Interviews Author Greg Spry

Beyond the Horizon (Beyond Saga Book 2) Book Cover Beyond the Horizon (Beyond Saga Book 2)
Beyond Saga
Greg Spry
Science Fiction / Space Opera
May 1, 2016

Ensign Maya Davis has had her sights set on the captaincy of a starship since she launched her first toy rocket into Earth orbit at age four. But not long after she departs the solar

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Kasper Interviews Author Woelf Dietrich

The Seals of Abgal (A Guardians of the Seals Tale Book 1) Book Cover The Seals of Abgal (A Guardians of the Seals Tale Book 1)
A Guardians of the Seals Tale
Woelf Dietrich
Supernatural fantasy / urban fantasy
Wo3lfMad Books
30 December 2012

Bookstore owner and novice antiquarian, Sebastian Kaine is proud of his new profession and even prouder still of the collection of antique books

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Kasper Interviews Author Michael Lackey

The Bad Seed Book Cover The Bad Seed
Battle for the Heavens
Michael Lackey
December 5th, 2015

Zachery Morely gets more than a basket of herbs from the family garden. Follow him as he is visited by an evil demon planting the seed that will destroy his world. What help can King Gabriel and his Kings Guard be against pure

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New Release: World Without End – Endless Horizon Saga by Leeland Artra

World Without End Book Cover World Without End
Endless Horizon Sagas
Leeland Artra
Scifi, Fantasy, Steampunk

Episode 7 – High Places

Imperial Astrologer Optimus, Duchess Janali Jedalor and her trusted second, merchant marine navigator Lieutenant Metallo are on a mission to exonerate themselves of all rumors of heresy for claiming their ship, the Vibrius, traveled beyond the edge of the world.

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New Release : Joshua Grasso ~ The Winged Turban

Posted by : Leisl Kaberry

Last month, FSFN author and Professor of English, Joshua Grasso, released his newest book on Amazon Kindle. The Winged Turban, which has already received rave reviews on Inkitt.com, is Grasso’s third fantasy publication following The Count of the Living Death and The Astrologer’s Portrait. His newest offering is replete with his characteristic narration which read more....

A Royal Knight – Sir Princess Petra’s Talent

Sir Princess Petra's Talent Book Cover Sir Princess Petra's Talent
The Pen Pieyu Adventures
Diane Mae Robinson
September 24, 2013

Humorous fantasy/adventure with moral values of kindness, understanding, and acceptance of others. Sir Princess Petra's Talent is the 2nd book in The Pen Pieyu Adventures:  children's chapter book series by multi-award winning author, Diane Mae Robinson.

Sir Princess Petra's
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