The 2017 Fantasy and Science Fiction D.E.A.R Event

Drop Everything And Read

Wednesday, April 12, 2017, will be the Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R.) event and many of our authors are offering their books at dramatically reduced prices.

The Fantasy and Science-Fiction Network is pleased to support this worthwhile event. We are hosting an all day author interview channel with rotating fantasy and science-fiction authors available to answer questions live on Facebook read more....

Drop Everything and Read 2017 by Cheryllynn Dyess, FSFNet Correspondent

Dragons, fairies, magic, swords, new worlds, and alternate realities, oh my! Escaping into the pages of a book is one of the greatest indulgences a person can have. Beginning in childhood, children are either read to or whisked away to the school library on weekly outings to grab a book and read with their classmates. Beverly Cleary’s books are among read more....

The 2016 Fantasy & Scifi Network Year End Sale Is Here!

It’s an e-book extravaganza! Look at all these Fantasy and Sci-Fi Bargains to fill your eStockings!

The Fantasy and Sci-Fi Network has gathered eBooks and on December 17th to 31st they are free, 99 cent deals, or deeply discounted from our award-winning and bestselling authors!

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2016 Holiday Sale – Coming Soon!


The Fantasy Sci-Fi Network will host it’s annual Fantasy and Scifi e-book holiday sale this 2016. On December 17 to December 31, 2016, we’ll be hosting an e-book extravaganza with free books, 99 cent deals, and deep discounts on fantasy and science fiction books from award-winning and bestselling authors!

Bookmark this page and visit us on the 17th to save! read more....

Kasper Interviews Author Alina Sayre

The Illuminator Rising (The Voyages of the Legend) (Volume 3) Book Cover The Illuminator Rising (The Voyages of the Legend) (Volume 3)
The Voyages of the Legend
Alina Sayre
Middle-grade fantasy
June 10, 2016

Driven from their home island of Rhynlyr, Ellie and her friends must solve a riddle to find the survivors of the Vestigia Roi. But instead of a safe haven, they

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Kasper Interviews Author Meredith Mansfield

The Shaman's Curse - Book 1 Book Cover The Shaman's Curse - Book 1
Dual Magics
Meredith Mansfield
Epic Fantasy/ Sword and Sorcery

Vatar risked his life to try to save his friend--and failed. Now he has an implacable enemy in the vengeful shaman, who blames Vatar for the death of his only son. Vatar finds some comfort in daydreams. He knows the strange

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Kasper Interviews Author M.P. Mcvey

Plod On, Sleepless Giant Book Cover Plod On, Sleepless Giant
M.P. Mcvey
Contemporary Fantasy
Mount Air Publishing, LLC
February 3, 2015
260 pages

At the center of earth exists Temelephas. Created as an insensitive automaton, he is chained to his wooden wheel, ever turning our world. Never to feel, never to remember ... he was made to

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Why Today’s Magic Is Tomorrow’s Science by Author Eileen Schuh

Dispassionate Lies Book Cover Dispassionate Lies
Eileen Schuh
Science Fiction
WolfSinger Publications
May 30, 2014
174 pages

The year is 2035 and the world’s emerging from a devastating economic collapse. Computer guru, Ladesque, finds her task of restoring the world’s internet capabilities, dull until...

She’s approached by Paul, an attractive FBI agent intent on recruiting

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Kasper Interviews Author Morgan Bell

Sproutlings: A Compendium of Little Fictions Book Cover Sproutlings: A Compendium of Little Fictions
Morgan Bell
Speculative fiction
Invisible Elephant Press
18 March 2016

Morgan Bell’s Sproutlings is a mesmerising collection of exquisite peculiarities. Welsh and Cornish mythology. Australian campfire tales. Astral and fantastic. The pertinency of forty-three modern authors is punctuated by bites of botanical fiction from Poe, Lawson, Orwell, Lawrence,

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