Blood of the Falcon, Volume 1 (The Falcons Saga) by Court Ellyn

Blood of the Falcon


Blood of the FalconThis is the first of a two part ensemble that is rich in flavour and simplistic in nature. It is one of those books you need to sit and read after having a busy day. Relax and let the inviting descriptive writing transport you into a world with two moons, two deities, and two distinct personalities, where all is read more....

Genre: fantasy
Series: The Falcons Saga | Subjects: ebook, fantasy, kindle, reviews

Thread Slivers (Golden Threads Trilogy Book One) by Leeland Artra

Leeland Artra - Thread Slivers Cover


Leeland Artra - Thread Slivers CoverThe fantasy genre is evolving into a wondrous holistic, intelligent area of storytelling. Its boundaries are governed purely by the limits of the author’s imagination. This is one such adventure, unique, original, compelling and complex in thought and execution. Don’t miss a word, stay on your toes and enjoy this wild ride.

The mixture of fantasy and science fiction read more....

Genre: fantasy, fantasy adventure, sci-fi
Series: Golden Threads Trilogy | Subjects: ebook, fantasy, kindle, reviews, scifi