Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Competitions to keep an eye on by Cheryllynn Dyess, FSFNet Correspondent

When an author sits down to write a book, they put their heart and soul into each word, line, and page. While many do not consider earning high distinctions and awards, they are telling a story that must be told; the books written are an esteemed honor in themselves

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New Release Steampunk: Ichabod Temperance is back!

Posted by Leisl Kaberry

Ichabod Temperance is back with his 5th book in the ‘The Adventures of Ichabod Temperance’ series. His charming characters Ichabod and Persephone return in another steampunk sci-fi adventure, released on the12th of August 2014…

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery.’ Wikipedia.

In a Latitude of Temperance

by Ichabod Temperance

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New Release YA Fantasy – Dragon’s Revenge (Hunters of Reloria Series) by Kasper Beaumont

Posted by Leisl Kaberry

If you have been following the exciting Hunters of Reloria series by Kasper Beaumont, Dragon Revenge concludes the action-packed trilogy.

If you haven’t, it’s time to find out what it’s all about for this weeks Fantasy Sci-Fi Network New Release features not only Dragon’s revenge which was released on July 2nd but also gives a little read more....