Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Competitions to keep an eye on

When an author sits down to write a book, they put their heart and soul into each word, line, and page. While many do not consider earning high distinctions and awards, they are telling a story that must be told; the books written are an esteemed honor in themselves

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What Makes It A Fantasy? By Author Devorah Fox

The bookselling industry requires that publishers and authors categorize their books. That makes sense. Readers in search of something new to read usually know that they’re looking for a mystery, biography, cookbook, etc. They would not at all be pleased to find bookstores, be they brick-and-mortar or electronic, with no more organization than a rummage sale.

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Drop Everything and Read 2017 by Cheryllynn Dyess, FSFNet Correspondent

Dragons, fairies, magic, swords, new worlds, and alternate realities, oh my! Escaping into the pages of a book is one of the greatest indulgences a person can have. Beginning in childhood, children are either read to or whisked away to the school library on weekly outings to grab a book and read with their classmates. Beverly Cleary’s books are among read more....

2016 Holiday Sale – Coming Soon!


The Fantasy Sci-Fi Network will host it’s annual Fantasy and Scifi e-book holiday sale this 2016. On December 17 to December 31, 2016, we’ll be hosting an e-book extravaganza with free books, 99 cent deals, and deep discounts on fantasy and science fiction books from award-winning and bestselling authors!

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Kasper Interviews Author Chris Johnson

Dead Cell (Revenant Chronicles Book 1) Kindle Edition Book Cover Dead Cell (Revenant Chronicles Book 1) Kindle Edition
Revenant Chronicles
Chris Johnson
Paranormal Action Thriller
Chris Johnson
November 2016

Road fatalities in Statton have jumped in a week to nearly half of Queensland's annual figures, and the authorities are concerned. They believe them to be accidents caused by driver carelessness and bad luck,

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Kasper Interviews Author Kerry Hall

Morphids (The Tales of Cerahya- Book 1) Book Cover Morphids (The Tales of Cerahya- Book 1)
The Tales of Cerahya
Kerry Hall
Indie-Mosh Publishing
TBA November 2016

The Prophet Lailoken sighed. This would be his last vision to share. The last words he would speak. The vice like grip tightened around his heart. Wait a little longer, they must know; remember

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Kasper Interviews Author FayeAnna Jones

A (Assassin Trilogy) (Volume 1) Book Cover A (Assassin Trilogy) (Volume 1)
Assassin Trilogy
FayeAnna Jones
October 2015

Gai Nightseed. The average run-of-the-mill teenager. Doesn't cause problems. Doesn't get into trouble, and is one of the rich kids. Seems okay. To the outside world. Only ONE person knows his secret. That he is the deadliest person alive. He

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Kasper Interviews Author Nicholas Rossis

You're in for a Ride: A Collection of Science Fiction Short Stories Book Cover You're in for a Ride: A Collection of Science Fiction Short Stories
Short SSF Stories
Nicholas Rossis
Science/Speculative Fiction
October 3, 2016

force field stumps a group of intrepid explorers in desperate need of what lies behind it. Two time-travelers discover the dangers of messing with the timeline. And what happens

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Kasper Interviews Author Gloria Wickman

The Sun Never Shines on Ariadne VI Book Cover The Sun Never Shines on Ariadne VI
Gloria Wickman
In the Hopper

When Commander Alexis Riley crash lands on an alien planet, her biggest regret is that she didn’t die with her crew. Along with the only other survivor, an android named TOMAS, she must travel across hundreds of miles of barren wasteland to

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