Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Competitions to keep an eye on by Cheryllynn Dyess, FSFNet Correspondent

When an author sits down to write a book, they put their heart and soul into each word, line, and page. While many do not consider earning high distinctions and awards, they are telling a story that must be told; the books written are an esteemed honor in themselves

Each year, thousands upon thousands of writers and readers watch the read more....

Drop Everything and Read 2017 by Cheryllynn Dyess, FSFNet Correspondent

Dragons, fairies, magic, swords, new worlds, and alternate realities, oh my! Escaping into the pages of a book is one of the greatest indulgences a person can have. Beginning in childhood, children are either read to or whisked away to the school library on weekly outings to grab a book and read with their classmates. Beverly Cleary’s books are among read more....

Kasper Interviews Author Nicholas Rossis

You're in for a Ride: A Collection of Science Fiction Short Stories Book Cover You're in for a Ride: A Collection of Science Fiction Short Stories
Short SSF Stories
Nicholas Rossis
Science/Speculative Fiction
October 3, 2016

force field stumps a group of intrepid explorers in desperate need of what lies behind it. Two time-travelers discover the dangers of messing with the timeline. And what happens

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Kasper Interviews Author Murray Lindsay

Home on the Strange - a Brewster & Brewster Adventure Book Cover Home on the Strange - a Brewster & Brewster Adventure
Murray Lindsay
Science Fiction-Adventure-Western
Cabin 4 Books
November, 2014

(from the back cover:)

Abigail Maye "Blackie" Brewster can't believe her luck—schlepping around in the summer heat as the assistant of a high-maintenance movie producer.  When did her life become a mix of flat and

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New Release Comic Fantasy: Have Frog, Will Travel – Will Macmillan Jones

Posted by Leisl Kaberry

Will Macmillan Jones may not be the next Gary Moore but he does manage to entertain people with his engaging series of comic fantasy books The Banned Underground. This Fantasy Sci-Fi Network author released book six in the series on August 24th 2014.


 Have Frog, Will Travel

The Banned underground

Have Frog, Will Travel Small (2)

“The council use potholes to encourage read more....

New Release YA Fantasy – Dragon’s Revenge (Hunters of Reloria Series) by Kasper Beaumont

Posted by Leisl Kaberry

If you have been following the exciting Hunters of Reloria series by Kasper Beaumont, Dragon Revenge concludes the action-packed trilogy.

If you haven’t, it’s time to find out what it’s all about for this weeks Fantasy Sci-Fi Network New Release features not only Dragon’s revenge which was released on July 2nd but also gives a little read more....