Soldier Girls In Science-Fiction and Fantasy

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Thread Slivers (Golden Threads Trilogy Book 1)
Golden Threads Trilogy
Leeland Artra
January 29, 2013

In the world of fantasy and magic, the female protagonist has long been respected and revered. Women are no strangers to adventure and all its highs and lows in the worlds of fantasy. The stereotype of a damsel in distress,

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New Release YA Sci-Fi : Tiva Boon – Royal Guardian by Jenn Nixon

Posted by Leisl Kaberry

This week we have an exciting sci-fi new release offering from one of our talented Fantasy Sci-Fi Network authors. Tiva Boon – Royal Guardian by Jenn Nixon was released on July the 8th, 2014.


Royal Guardian


The kingdom of Abennelp has enjoyed an age of peace. Tiva Boon, a loyal and ambitious Royal Guardian read more....

Women and Fantasy

Women reading fantasy article

For years fantasy fans have been primarily male…and for good reason. What woman or young girl would want to read about a weak, weepy, damsel in distress, in constant need of rescue by the male hero? It’s insulting and frankly, uninteresting. Even the cover art was geared toward men; half-naked, buxom maidens, clinging desperately to the arm of her sword

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