2017 Fall ‘Keep Writing’ Challenge Winners

Each quarter members of the Fantasy and Science-Fiction Network (FSFNet) participate in a ‘Keep Writing’ Challenge. Members log in their daily written word counts which not only encourages them to keep writing when they see their progress but also encourages the other participants to write more. Here at the FSFNet, we are always encouraging our authors to produce more youth-friendly read more....

Kasper Interviews Author Bryan Rainey

Unforeseen (Starshot | Chronicles: Forgotten Planet Book 1) Book Cover Unforeseen (Starshot | Chronicles: Forgotten Planet Book 1)
Forgotten Planet
Bryan Rainey
Scifi, Fantasy
Rising Dragons Publishing
February 9, 2016
112 pages

Fiona Harley, a princess and Sentinel Knight, escapes her captors in a starfighter
She manages to reach the nearest jump gate

As she set up the coordinates to get home,

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